Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have recently taking up something that I swore I'd never do.

Running.  For pleasure.

Now, I'm not exactly 'running' at this point.  More like kinda-jogging while sweating profusely and actively wanting to die.  I feel bad for any unfortunate people who happen to drive or walk by me on these horrifying endeavors.  I'm sure it's supremely unpleasant to have to watch a sweaty, jiggly mess of a person panting and sweating and flailing all over the place.

 (I tried for like two hours to effectively draw a representation of this, but was unable to capture the true horror of that visual.  My apologies.)

See, I always said that I would never run unless something large and scary was chasing me.  But then one day it dawned on me - if I didn't run under ideal circumstances, then if I ever *had* to run for my life, I would die.  Quickly.  So I haul my ass around the neighborhood, wheezing and cursing.

So far, the best thing about running is the cool female voice on my trainer program who says "workout complete" when I can stop running.  THAT is a great feeling.

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